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We're so glad that you love your hair! Post your pics on instagram #YumBelleCocoa.

The length of time the hair will last is dependent on your care and maintenance. Kloud Kinky SYNTHETIC hair can be reused. Cocoa coily and Cocoa kinky HUMAN HAIR can last for several installs when cared for.

You'll need 2-3 bundles for a full head depending on length and desired fullness. Longer length hair bundles (18inch and longer) have shorter weft's which means you may need more hair. Shorter length hair bundles, especially 10 and 12 inch length bundles have longer wefts which means you may need only 2 bundles.  The weft size varies to ensure the weight of the hair bundle is consistent. Make sure you order enough to complete your desired hairstyle.

You'll need 8-10 bundles for a full install of twists using Kloud Kinky hair.  We know there is nothing worse than running out of hair in the middle of installing! What's a girl to do? Make sure you have enough.  The amount of hair used will vary depending on head size, desired fullness and size of twists.  If you want a natural density like the pictures, let your stylist know so she can determine how much hair to use. If you like full fabulous hair communicate that to your stylist as well and check out the way it looks as it's being installed to be sure you get the end result you want.

Treat this hair as you would your own by keeping it moisturized and protected.  Moisturize with water and/or light natural products. Manipulate gently. Wear a satin bonnet, scarf or sleep with a satin pillowcase to retain moisture and definition. Create beautiful braid outs, twist outs, faux-hawks, puffs, afros and voluminous styles.  

The beauty of synthetic hair is that it really takes care of itself for the most part. Your focus should be on maintaining the moisture of your OWN hair while wearing twists. Spray your roots and the length of the twists (to ensure you're moisturizing your own hair) with plain water, water + conditioner mix or water + aloe vera mix daily.  Then use your favorite natural oil like castor or coconut oil (not cream as build up will occur) to lock in the moisture. Glaze your twists by running your lightly oiled hands over them as sheen is needed.

Hair bundles are measured when hair is stretched. To mimic kinky, coily and curly hair, our extensions shrink to provide a natural look. A 16 inch hair bundle may look like a 10 inch bundle with shrinkage.  When the hair is stretched it will be 16 inches. 

Yes, you can receive a full refund on unused bundled hair (only) returned within 10 business days.  This means you have 10 business days to mail the unused hair bundled as you received it, back to Belle Cocoa. Shipping and handling is incurred by the purchaser.  But we recommend giving the hair a try if there is any reason you are unsatisfied before it's installed.  Textured hair needs to be installed to display it's full, beautiful potential.


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