Our Story: A Natural Hair Journey

Taking my natural hair journey with so many other beautiful brown women, I experienced an awakening. Seeing natural hair as beautiful, sexy, something to be proud of and a unique identifier of heritage I began my quest to provide high quality, textured natural hair extensions and coveted product options to women. Quality is a hallmark of Belle Cocoa and it extends not only to our hair and products but also to the service we provide to all customers.

Being aware of how natural hair is politicized, I thought about the power it represents. Black hair has been banned in some settings, mocked, frowned upon, called ugly and yet throughout history we’ve seen movements of women embracing their natural strands, using their hair as a symbol to represent freedom, pride and beauty – That’s power. Wanting to increase this power and expand the access of quality, affordable textured hair extensions to women in addition to being a representation of the women in my customer base, Belle Cocoa was born.  Having known I would eventually return natural but just wasn’t sure when, I began to increase my education on natural hair and started lengthy research on textured hair extensions. My decision to return natural was accelerated after becoming a mom. I thought to myself, how can I teach my daughter self-acceptance without first modeling it?

As a young professional women of color I shared the common anxieties about “returning natural.” Would I like my new-found appearance with natural hair? Would I cut off my relaxed length or transition?  How would I re-teach myself to care for my hair? Would I have time to do my natural hair? As these questions arose the seeds that were planted for Belle Cocoa textured hair extensions began to bloom. Belle Cocoa provides realistic texture matches for women of color who protective style, are transitioning or simply like the versatility of wearing textured hair extensions matching their own unprocessed crown.  Knowing that natural means sometimes protecting our tresses, I sought to provide an extension line that would support women on their natural journey’s to achieve, healthy hair.

Protect your natural hair, play with texture, length and color while being true to your natural beauty with Belle Cocoa hair.

*Belle Cocoa hair supports women in the diaspora with all hair textures, processed and unprocessed.  We are neither team natural or team relaxer rather we seek to unify and empower women to find beauty within.