Beauty App Connects Women with Natural Hair Salons

hair app As an advocate for everything to support healthy hair, we stumbled upon an app, called Swivel, that finds the right salon for your specific hair care needs.

According to the founders of Swivel:
“We’ve endured soul-crushing, hair-breaking, money-wasting trial-and-error (don’t tell us you’ve never cried after a bad blowout!), dealt with awkward moments when a salon couldn’t handle our “ethnic” hair, and put up with bad service, long waits, and rude stylists…all in the name of beauty.”
According to the Swivel app, those days are over. So we had to try out the app for ourselves. We downloaded the app from the app store and can choose from desired services such as: Twist outs, Silk Presses, Bantu Knots and other options.  You can select your hair type which includes Natural – Curly, Natural Kinky, Locs and other options.  We made our selection and were presented with a list of salons which included the address, ratings, images and the ability to book an appointment right from the app.

swivel1bCurrently the app is only available on iOS and lists salons in New York city.

Visit Swivel at

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