Allow me to introduce myself…

leslie hamilton bellecocoaAs a person who identifies as an introvert with some extroverted tendencies making my online presence is…what is it?  It’s different and feels a bit vulnerable yet I embrace it as this space is created for women to know the person behind the brand.  Normally I’d be content being behind the scenes, but in an industry where many store owners and retailers do not reflect the customer base I take this opportunity to introduce myself and show you that I am like you. So feel free to ask me that very particular question you have about the hair, knowing that as a person who may share similarities to your physical attributes I understand where you are coming from and can answer from first hand experience. Belle Cocoa, is a textured hair extension and coveted accessories online shop specializing in quality textured hair extensions and the kinds of accessories that you HAVE to have.

As a wife, mom, educator and a New Yorker currently residing in Brooklyn I’m like a lot of you precious belles! Busy, likes to laugh, loves a good meal, feels good when hair, mind, body and soul are aligned. I’m happiest when I’m consciously taking steps to live more authentically and walk in my purpose.

I hope Belle Cocoa, helps support your own healthy hair journey, enhances your natural beauty, makes your life easier, makes you smile and all that good stuff!

Until next time belles,

Xo, Leslie!


Leslie Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself…

  1. Frances Hamilton says:

    I like your personal touch. Your words make me feel as though we are having a conversation between two girlfriends.

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